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The Price Of Pleasure, Cost Analysis Of A Recent Trip To Pattaya

Sep 152014

I was idling on my computer this afternoon and I came across a rough copy of my tr report trip to Patts December 2013,
I thought i would calculate how much the sexual services I availed for myself actually cost.

I recalled all my experiences and found I had, had 22 encounters,

massage girl experiences numbered 12, these were nearly all on Soi Chayiapoon and were either oil massage + Bj,
or with full sex, Bj price was 500, full sex 1000

the remaining 10 encounters were ST's, 1 at Kinerre (during the Xmas party)
1 freelancer on Walking street,
x 3 bar girls off Lk Metro
x5 Soi 6,

the ST price was generally 1000, although I did pay 1,500 a couple of times to two particularly stunning ladies.

the actual cost of the Sex alone for all those encounters was £400 give or take a tenner,
on top of this was either bar fines or room cost, and in the case of the massage girls the actual oil massage price (200 baht)

So approx £485 in total although to be pedantic there would also have been lady drink additions approx (approx £25, wow I'm really generous)

so I could say the final cost was approximately £510 ($830) give or take a tenner.

this gave an average cost of £24 ($38) per encounter

My conclusion being "what fantastic fucking value for money" !!! none the least because at the worst
all of those encounters were very satisfying with some being quite wonderful.

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