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Pattaya girl friendly hotels with pools

It is impossible to go out in this city, particularly at night without noticing the very large population of prostitutes- whether they are bar-girls, “freelancers” along Beach Road or any other place where tourists are likely to find them- more than willing to go back to your hotel room for a relative pittance compared to Western prices.

Below is a list of hotels that at the time of writing did not charge a fee for unregistered guests and are deemed "guest friendly hotels". There are plenty of girl friendly hotels near Walking Street, hotels along Beach Road as well as hotels in North Pattaya, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya. We have also updated this list to include guest friendly hotels in Jomtien. Many hotels are now offering free Wif.

It is recommended to book the room for 2 people if you are planning on regularly having guests as the room rate is generally the same for one or two people. Generally if a hotel is girl friendly, it is also ladyboy friendly.

Prices quoted are from mid- October to mid November, which is just coming out of the low season. Prices in the high and peak season may be higher, especially for the higher end hotels.

 Full list of girl friendly hotels in Pattaya city http://gfbooking.com/pattaya/ 

Pattaya Girl Friendly Hotels with pools

Almost all of the hotels listed on this page have a pool. In case we have missed mentioning the pool in the hotel decriptions above, here is a full list of Pattaya girl friendly hotels with a pool:

Best Pattaya girl friendly hotels booking with Agoda