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Clubs and gogos in Pattaya I visited are below with my rating

Sep 152014
  1. lk metro most of my nights as im not a drinker but like draft beeror singha or chang. I don’t remember draft beer or bottled beer rates or even LDS (hmm seems that’s why my trip went over budget)lol
    1st stop OSCARS- welcoming staff and mamasan,good lights and 80,90 etc music.
    Girls good rate 7/10 good vibes no pushy girls, they were fun loving always smiling even if I was with 1-2 girls . I was even theere for the free sambuca nite (dint have as I dint want to cocktail). But yes the gogo was a nice place to start and may be pick up..sure more visits next time
  2. PARADISE- welcoming, a few pushy girls but its entiredly renewed , I was there in cause I wanted to meet a fb friend but she was not there . the pics posted on fb page of paradise are old ,SO if u guys look at the pics and get interested in some girls u seen on their page ,don’t be sad not to find them , but u will sure find them in another gogo (as I did) but a few are there.
    Can never trust a coyotee :D
    Dint visit more than 2 times as a girl was too pushy , even though I dint give her the look but she pestered me please please buy me a drink both times . it was a turn off.
  3.  DESTINY- it’s a samll gogo I think girls not interested ,just every time looking at their watches. So had ½ beer and out.
  4.  SHOWGIRLS- lasst time had the best time off my life here .excellent shows and girls. Tyhis time was oppostite . the lighting on the stage was too bright so cud easily see stretch marks and fat pumpuis on the ladies. Many were middle aged ladiies whom seem to have been given a second chance again ,may be it’s the no business and high salary asked by coyotees that hhas brought maan older BGS back in the game. Music was lowsy draft beer was small glasses. so 1 drink and out.
  5.  CRYSTAL CLUB-omb…… I m all gaga for this place was most nights here .very welcoming staff and mamasan,awesome looking girls ,the best I found in pattaya, excellent sound (jbl the best) and music , the DJ did a great job every night,so he was worth a drink from me). Very good lighting too. No complains about this place at all
    Infact I was always there from 2-3 rounds of drinks and on days I had my girls I made sure still to visit this place. I also met the girl from fb in this gogo, called her over chatted but she turned out to be greedy for drinks, I did offer her only once cause I found only her begging every person for drink, even when she sat with me or other customer, amny regulars were reluctant to sit with here and I knew now why. The best girl I liked there was no.214 tall ,cute and worTH a gfe . many others are good there too..
    A must visit if in pattaya . this too is on my next trip list(that’s if things remain same in there)
    Giir 8.5/10
    out from lk metro to WS soi diamond.
  6.  SPANKYS- met the manager there a young guy soft spoken and always ready for a chat. NO draft beer here, leo is being promoted at 100B.
    All the old staff and girls from last trip were missing.
    But dint take me time to gel with the new ones once I started buying LDS J
    I like a girl here , and I set up meeting her next day same time but since then I hadnt seen her, so I asked the waitress and manager and he said that its difficult to predict these girls as after pay day they don’t tend to return back or they go to some other bar for higher pay.
    I also noticed this time that some customers were very rough with the girls , there was a bet put but some guys to go spank the girls asses every 2 mins with the foam roll. Guys come on ,once was Ok ,show some respect they are not slaves . that sceen was pathetic .
    I also happened to be introduced to A COP who loved top party in spankys and windmill , bought him few drinks and he became very friendly. We partied even in 808.
    Girls 6/10.
  7. WINDMILL- I have always loved this place , highest energy , that welcome one gets by the girls as soon as u enter the gogo.WOW . I spend every night there and enjoyed the 1 hr that I sat there. Many young girls bought in there .
    Buy a few lds and the full bar is wanting U :D
    But really have picked up some nice girls who had great service with a smile always willing to give more.
    Numbers I would recommend .141 funny and naughty. Jovial service good . u like jokes and thai dancing do take her .she will keep u charged till the end
    148 elegant dresses up very good ,talks polite and service XCELLENT, no greedy for drinks, will never tell u that ur ST is up INFACT I had my 1st GFE with this one ,very good caretaker, some days she used to spend more time over and we talked a lot too, here sense of humor is good , command over english good . I would recomend guys to take her if only boom boom is not ur criteria . u will thank me for sure.
    Number 191 is fun too infact she wanted me to Bf here with 148 but I dint until last day when she cried and the mamasan and the afro manager and david too was wondering what happened . finally BFd her after all the crying and requesting , she was fun but shes also on the run.
    I have also spend most of my money buying lds ,drinks for david ,the manager ,mamasans etc . now I knw u all will flame me but that place always had the energhy since I was introduced to pattaya. So no repenting here.
  8.  NAUGHTY SEA-was pulled in never been here before very small gogo. not a dog in , I was with a girl but still the girls in wanted me to buy drinks , also I noticed that the girls were already heavliy drunk at 1.30am. okish girls in.more on the matured heavy side. Also needs to be renovated asap.
  9.  CREAM CLUB- OK not great women in but the most pushy girls and mamasan and hostess in here . AVOID.

  10.  SUGARBABY . what to say about this place just the opposite of windmill. dull ,louzy girls not interetsed who comes ,who goes even after korean guys entering in it was a graveyard. No energy. Wonder how come the same management of windmill but just opposite in entertainment.
  11.  LIVING DOLLS SHOWCASE- have some ice and beer pouring on ladies show. No DRAFT BEER , a few cuties . met one who was is roXys last time sat with here drank and met at the pier later.saved my BF
  12.  HEAVEN ABOVE. If ur too drunk or planning to get above take care while getting down ,wonder if anyone has ever fallen from heaven??. But the doormen out there are there to help u down . so no worries J. Good place ,friendly ,dint canty say anything else as I was always buzzed when reached in there L.
  13.  CRAZY HOUSE- I see some people rave about this place being the best in pattaya .for me sadly its was better than OK. Lively and 
  14.  SAPPHIRE – ALWAYS LIKED THE MUSIC HERE . always like to go pay a visit to my friend gerry , jovial guy and fun to talk,only thing he gets drunk to fast and kind of falls a sleep J.
    They are out with the coyotees and gerry says the BF IS 600B , guess what I come to knw that when I have already exhausted my vacation days in pattaya.
  15.  CLUB MISTYS- in there and weas recognised by the mamasan . had a few drinks with her and number 508 impressed me . awesome coyotee very lively and fun to be with.
  16.  BABYDOLLS- missed phil in there as he helped me with my choice last time . but this time it was not as expected the place have got regulars coming in but the ladies in were more on the older side . so out from there.
  17.  PRIVATE DANCER- went in and it was some where to closing time and the girls were bored and eager to go home. Avoided getting recognized by the pushy mamasan of x zone (NAANG) . its ok if u ask me drink but if u bring half of the bar down and tell me to buy drink , I things its unjust . some girls looked good there but avoided going in again because of naang.
  18.  SUGAR SUGAR – I don’t knw if I was early (9.30pm) that night but this place looked as if the girls were waiting for a full house or tired. But staff was very welcoming ,every time I entered lk metro I was always called in .
  19.  DISCO 808. HIP HOP MUSIC . at 3 am not much crowd too much smoke in there. And hip hop doesn’t please me so one round of drinks with the girls and OUT
  20.  THE PIER disco . my most favorite disco since its launch, music kept me on toes ,lights and sound very good . spacious and less smoky.

Most nights even after boom boom I would go in there for some drinks and always have got many many vibes and literally being pulled to dance . I have never smoked shiesha but ther e some girls made me try it and loved it since . apple mint and strawberry my favs.
Staff well attentive , coyotees ask for drinks watching u once they knw u spend . I rememebr buying 1 drink for a stunner 200B. toilet guys a bit pushy for tips with thei 10 sec massage but what the hell I have already blown so much cash all ovver some more 20BS wouldn’t harm :D
Had the best time of my life in these clubs . its open till .6.30am and if u want more u can head to casino club which is on more 30 mins.
About the girls . most from windmill cause of my 3 some habbit. 1-2 coyotees whom I exchanged numbers and met at the PIER.
Except for my last 3 days . I was literally bored to death by a BG who wanted to stay with me and was following me like my shadow every where specailly at the pier.
This shows I must never show a girl my fav places as they end up there later .
I always wanted to knw what its like having a gfe or a girl stay Lt . but I swear its not meant for a butterfly like me.
I have literally given her Bahts for not joining me in sex. But she was crazy .
She said she liked me and used to get bfed LT by another customer and end up after a few hrs at my hotel . and if she dint see my motorbike she knew where I was after gogos closed. Though she dint demand me money or sponsor her etc but I noticed she wanted some one to talk love with . 1st I thought it was fake and shes trying the sponsor game with me . but on the last day I told her I have no money ,she opened her purse and asked me how much I need .she said I can take and later pay her when I got home . like I found I had built some trust of hers towards me. She helped me in packing and used to arrange my bed etc. last day I think she barfined herself and came over at 10pm(which fucked my entire night up) I was so angry that I told her I have to meet some one else but she said its OK and she can join us 3 if it makes me happy. Out of frustration I went to THE PIER where I started flirting with other women thinking it may piss her off and she may go. But she was very cool about it. I left here at the table for 15 mins when I was pulled by some TGS TO DANCE , BUT HAD NO EFFECT.
Infact when I reacched my table she humbly picks my singha and makes me drink it.
She used to sit and chat till morning about how many sponsors she has and what she has invested in . on my departure day she literally huggesd me and weeped till I told her plz let me go my taxi has been waiting since 15 mins. I feel very sad for her now. And shes the reason im HEAVILY SUFFERING FORM PATTAYA BLUES L.
I must have repeated some lines in the above 2 paras but this girl got me lost now).
I don’t knw what to call it . love infatuation.crazyness?? but it’s the 1st time I have felt so bad for being rude or leaving a TG.
Any way moving on.
Places I visited to eat ninjas . 400B sea food . I was also charged some bahts extra cause the tgs wasted the food.
What I dint like was they charge u 20B per place for grilling the fish!
But this place was packed with locals, hogging .
2nd buffet visited was “THE FISH “ good plce not much crowded and its 200B without being charged extra for anything.
On this trip since last year I have noticed that the girls are getting FATTER. Its no more that thailand where small asses and sexy slim bodies ruled.
Now even most of the coyotees in the bar have PUMPUIS and have thunder thighs!
Wonder what next year will be like.
But I also saw that the girls who are on the older side were much fitter than the young ones. .
Met one of my favs in sugar baby and she was hot like 2 yrs ago.
i also had my traditional thai massages and hit SPORTS WORLD GYM 220B per visit (NOTE: that tonys on soi bukhaw is closed)
also did one session of muay thai for 300B at TWIN TIGER MUAY THAI opp tonys gym.
Any way I think I have written tooooo much (out of excitement/depression).
Hope this TR doesn’t bore many.

The Price Of Pleasure, Cost Analysis Of A Recent Trip To Pattaya

Sep 152014

I was idling on my computer this afternoon and I came across a rough copy of my tr report trip to Patts December 2013,
I thought i would calculate how much the sexual services I availed for myself actually cost.

I recalled all my experiences and found I had, had 22 encounters,

massage girl experiences numbered 12, these were nearly all on Soi Chayiapoon and were either oil massage + Bj,
or with full sex, Bj price was 500, full sex 1000

the remaining 10 encounters were ST's, 1 at Kinerre (during the Xmas party)
1 freelancer on Walking street,
x 3 bar girls off Lk Metro
x5 Soi 6,

the ST price was generally 1000, although I did pay 1,500 a couple of times to two particularly stunning ladies.

the actual cost of the Sex alone for all those encounters was £400 give or take a tenner,
on top of this was either bar fines or room cost, and in the case of the massage girls the actual oil massage price (200 baht)

So approx £485 in total although to be pedantic there would also have been lady drink additions approx (approx £25, wow I'm really generous)

so I could say the final cost was approximately £510 ($830) give or take a tenner.

this gave an average cost of £24 ($38) per encounter

My conclusion being "what fantastic fucking value for money" !!! none the least because at the worst
all of those encounters were very satisfying with some being quite wonderful.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

Sep 092014

Pattaya’s only 5 star themed resort makes an excellent choice for families with its water park, beach access, and more, in a prime Pattaya location.

The newly opened Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya is set to be one of Pattaya’s most popular hotels, especially with families. Based on a ‘Lost World’ theme, both kids and the young at heart will love the resort’s water park with slides, lazy river and more, with the added bonus of direct beach access.


The pool at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya The Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya offers 555 spacious and contemporary rooms and suites set over a towering 18-storeys, giving each and every room a beautiful view. As well as the general resort theme, there are specialty restaurants and bars, children’s facilities, plus all the luxuries and services you would expect from a brand new 5 star hotel and resort.

Located in the popular town of Pattaya, and within striking distance of Bangkok, the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya is at the northern end of the town, on Naklua and Wong Amat Beach. There’s direct beach access from the hotel too.

Everything is brand new and clean at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, including its stylish, modern and contemporary guest rooms and suites. Fresh and vibrant colors accent the rooms which are spacious, inviting and comfortable. Everything you would expect to find in a 5 star resort in Thailand is featured here including a private terrace or balcony in every room with garden and ocean views, air conditioning, flat screen TV, luxurious bathroom, DVD player, internet access, mini-bar and refrigerator, personal safe, tea and coffee making facilities, and the list goes on!

There are numerous different rooms for guests to choose from out of the ample 555 rooms and suites at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya; from the Deluxe and Deluxe Family Rooms to those with Ocean Views, the Premium Deluxe, and the impressive Club Mirage rooms. The Deluxe Family Residence offers extra space and is great for larger families as this room can accommodate 2 adults and up to 5 children, or 3 adults and 3 children. Club Mirage Suites also offer plenty of space for the whole family, while the Grand Mirage Suite can accommodate an impressive 5 adults or 4 adults and 4 children! The Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya really is a family friendly resort with its spacious family accommodation, culminating in the Grand Mirage Duplex Suite and the Royal Suite which are a perfect option for two families.


Facilities & Services:
Again the family friendly element of the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya shines through in its facilities and services, the most spectacular and enjoyable of which is the resort’s very own water park. There are multiple swimming pools, slides, a lazy river, waterfalls and more, and as if that wasn’t enough you have direct access to a beautiful white sand beach where there are water sports galore to try too. Indoors there’s a kid’s club with the popular Camp Safari and games rooms, great for kids aged between 3 and 9, while older children have their own ‘grown up’ area too!

The adults haven’t been forgotten in the planning of the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya as there’s plenty here for you too! The luxurious spa is a great place to unwind after a day of fun and activity on the water slides, or continue the activity theme by enjoying the many sports available here including snooker, tennis courts, table tennis, rock climbing, and volleyball. There’s also a fitness center, business center, meeting and conference facilities, beauty salon, and a retail area to make use of too.

For dining the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya has plenty more to offer. There’s International cuisine, Asian, Italian, and a grill here, in addition to lounge bars, beachside and poolside bars, so something for everyone.

Nearby Attractions:
With the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya having so much to offer many guests are not going to want to leave, but if you do, Pattaya is on the doorstep and there are several attractions to visit nearby. Pattaya has a vibrant nightlife if you’d like a night on the town, or enjoy the floating market. Other attractions include the Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm, Nong Nooch Garden, Khao Khiao Open Zoo, and boat trips to nearby islands.

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Z Through by the Zign

Sep 092014

Opened in mid-2009, Z Through by The Zign is the 5 star luxury boutique wing of the nearby Zign Hotel. Located at the Northern end of Pattaya away from the hustle and bustle, it is ideal for a romantic getaway.


'light' themed room at Z Through by the Zign Hotel in PattayaZ Through by the Zign offers 40 villas or 2 stories each comprising 80 spacious suites all surrounding the resort's 4 extensive, winding pools. The 40 suites at ground level offer direct access to the pools from the terrace that opens up from the living area.

Located in the popular town of Pattaya, 90 minutes south of Bangkok, Z Through by the Zign hotel, Pattaya is located at the northern end of the town, near Naklua Beach. While central Pattaya including walking street are easily accessible by songtaew- the local form of public transportation- for 20 Baht (USD 0.60), the Z Through by the Zign is pleasantly located away from the hectic pace of central Pattaya.

The rooms at Z Through have been envisioned around the concept of L.O.V.E, with each theme- Light, Ozone, Viva and Emotion offering a uniquely designed living space. The accommodation is comprised of 40 villas, each with 2 stories, surrounding the 4 huge, meandering pools, which run the length of the property.

The Emotion and Ozone suites are located on the ground level and offer direct access to the pools from the terrace. The Viva and Light suites are located on the second floor of the villas and feature a larger terrace with fantastic views of the pools, and are excellent for relaxing on the sun lounges and enjoying a snack in the privacy of your own deck.

Inside, the rooms are spacious with separate sleeping and lounge areas. The bathrooms are unusually large and feature a rain shower and an oversized bathtub big enough for two, as well as a wall mounted TV above the bath.

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Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya

Sep 092014

The Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya has always offered luxurious accommodation since its opening in 1973 and since the complete refurbishment and renovation in 2006 this level of luxury was taken steps higher.


The 5 star Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya has only 88 rooms, so guests never feel overcrowded here, though being part of the larger Royal Cliff complex means you can make use of the resort and all its facilities and services.

Set into the Cliffside, this hotel is surrounded by lush tropical gardens fronting onto the private beach. The quieter location just outside Pattaya makes the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel a perfect choice for couples and families, and those looking for a getaway just outside this lively city.

Minisuite 'Seaview'at Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya

The Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya has the ideal location – it’s far enough away from Pattaya to make this a quieter hotel, ideal for those who don’t necessarily want to be in the midst of Pattaya’s lively atmosphere every day, yet at only minutes away by taxi or shuttle to the center of Pattaya, you can enjoy the city easily when you want to.

There are not many hotels that can claim to offer sea views and only sea views, but the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya is one! There are 88 guest rooms in total here and each one is a suite, providing guests with the height of luxury in spacious surroundings. Having undergone total refurbishment, each suite is now a blend of contemporary Thai and chic modern, with rich accent colors and dark and light woods.

For couples who are celebrating a special occasion or just want an intimate getaway the Mini Suite / Honeymoon Suite is perfect. The bedroom area has a step up to the cosy living area which in turn has access to the spacious and private balcony or terrace that’s right on the beachfront. There are sun loungers and the most beautiful views out over the Gulf of Siam and off in the distance to Coral Island.

The two bedroom Family Suite is excellent for families with children. Furnished in a more family-friendly style, including touches that your children are bound to love, these very spacious suites make the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya a very popular family vacation destination. There are two large balconies that have sun loungers and tables for al fresco family fun. There is also a raised lounge, and the master bedroom has its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. Of course there is also a second bathroom and this Family Suite can sleep up to six in total.

The more ‘grown-up’ two bedroom Cliff Terrace Suite has the same spacious square meters as the Family Suite but the more elegant furnishings and private floor plan make this a great choice for two couples vacationing together, or for families with older children. Walk-in closets and two plasma televisions, plus an oversize bathroom are just some of the luxuries of this suite.

You can also expect numerous amenities as standard in your suite at the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel Pattaya, including air conditioning, mini bar, tea and coffee maker, stereo system, bathrobes, beach towels, and in-room safe.

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Garden Cliff Resort & Spa

Sep 092014

The Garden Cliff Resort and Spa is a 5 star resort situated in North Pattaya in a secluded location yet within easy reach of Pattaya’s vibrant side.


A great getaway destination for families and couples, the 5 star Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya benefits from a more secluded location, yet it’s within easy reach of the city center so that guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Pool at Garden Cliff Resort & Spa PattayaThe beautiful coast around Pattaya is so popular because of the proximity to Bangkok, and this hotel is set in an enviable position on the picturesque Crescent Moon Beach where guests can enjoy the soft sand and gentle waves of the Gulf of Thailand.

The Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya provides all the comforts for an enjoyable and relaxing stay, whether here for business or pleasure. There’s an infinity pool, spa, restaurants and bars, and with only 249 guest rooms it never feels too busy.

Set on Crescent Moon Beach, the Garden Cliff Resort and Spa is in North Pattaya and only minutes by taxi or shuttle bus to the lively streets of central Pattaya. Pattaya itself is only 91 miles (147km) from Bangkok, so makes a great getaway from the bustling streets of Thailand’s capital.

There are 222 rooms and 27 suites at the Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya, all of which are furnished and decorated in light and inviting colors with Thai influences and touches of luxury. Every room features an internet connection, 24 hour room service, and satellite television, and each of the five room and suite styles offers something a little different.

Deluxe Rooms offer 32 square meters of space and are available with a king or two twin beds and a modern bathroom with separate shower and bathtub. The private balconies have peaceful garden views, or if you prefer a sea view choose a Sea View Deluxe Room. Guests who want to make excellent use of the attractive swimming pool at the Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya can choose to stay in a Pool Access Deluxe Room as these have direct access to the wonderful infinity pool that’s at the heart of this resort.

If you’d like a more specious room the Junior Suite is the ideal choice. Light and airy these rooms offer 50 square meters and fabulous ea views from the private balcony. Even more luxury can be found in the Executive Suite where there is an impressive 90 square meters of space and a larger private balcony than can be found in any of the other guest rooms at the Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya. There are of course spectacular sea views from the balcony and from inside the room where there are several seating areas positioned to make the most of that view.

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