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Clubs and gogos in Pattaya I visited are below with my rating

Sep 152014
  1. lk metro most of my nights as im not a drinker but like draft beeror singha or chang. I don’t remember draft beer or bottled beer rates or even LDS (hmm seems that’s why my trip went over budget)lol
    1st stop OSCARS- welcoming staff and mamasan,good lights and 80,90 etc music.
    Girls good rate 7/10 good vibes no pushy girls, they were fun loving always smiling even if I was with 1-2 girls . I was even theere for the free sambuca nite (dint have as I dint want to cocktail). But yes the gogo was a nice place to start and may be pick up..sure more visits next time
  2. PARADISE- welcoming, a few pushy girls but its entiredly renewed , I was there in cause I wanted to meet a fb friend but she was not there . the pics posted on fb page of paradise are old ,SO if u guys look at the pics and get interested in some girls u seen on their page ,don’t be sad not to find them , but u will sure find them in another gogo (as I did) but a few are there.
    Can never trust a coyotee :D
    Dint visit more than 2 times as a girl was too pushy , even though I dint give her the look but she pestered me please please buy me a drink both times . it was a turn off.
  3.  DESTINY- it’s a samll gogo I think girls not interested ,just every time looking at their watches. So had ½ beer and out.
  4.  SHOWGIRLS- lasst time had the best time off my life here .excellent shows and girls. Tyhis time was oppostite . the lighting on the stage was too bright so cud easily see stretch marks and fat pumpuis on the ladies. Many were middle aged ladiies whom seem to have been given a second chance again ,may be it’s the no business and high salary asked by coyotees that hhas brought maan older BGS back in the game. Music was lowsy draft beer was small glasses. so 1 drink and out.
  5.  CRYSTAL CLUB-omb…… I m all gaga for this place was most nights here .very welcoming staff and mamasan,awesome looking girls ,the best I found in pattaya, excellent sound (jbl the best) and music , the DJ did a great job every night,so he was worth a drink from me). Very good lighting too. No complains about this place at all
    Infact I was always there from 2-3 rounds of drinks and on days I had my girls I made sure still to visit this place. I also met the girl from fb in this gogo, called her over chatted but she turned out to be greedy for drinks, I did offer her only once cause I found only her begging every person for drink, even when she sat with me or other customer, amny regulars were reluctant to sit with here and I knew now why. The best girl I liked there was no.214 tall ,cute and worTH a gfe . many others are good there too..
    A must visit if in pattaya . this too is on my next trip list(that’s if things remain same in there)
    Giir 8.5/10
    out from lk metro to WS soi diamond.
  6.  SPANKYS- met the manager there a young guy soft spoken and always ready for a chat. NO draft beer here, leo is being promoted at 100B.
    All the old staff and girls from last trip were missing.
    But dint take me time to gel with the new ones once I started buying LDS J
    I like a girl here , and I set up meeting her next day same time but since then I hadnt seen her, so I asked the waitress and manager and he said that its difficult to predict these girls as after pay day they don’t tend to return back or they go to some other bar for higher pay.
    I also noticed this time that some customers were very rough with the girls , there was a bet put but some guys to go spank the girls asses every 2 mins with the foam roll. Guys come on ,once was Ok ,show some respect they are not slaves . that sceen was pathetic .
    I also happened to be introduced to A COP who loved top party in spankys and windmill , bought him few drinks and he became very friendly. We partied even in 808.
    Girls 6/10.
  7. WINDMILL- I have always loved this place , highest energy , that welcome one gets by the girls as soon as u enter the gogo.WOW . I spend every night there and enjoyed the 1 hr that I sat there. Many young girls bought in there .
    Buy a few lds and the full bar is wanting U :D
    But really have picked up some nice girls who had great service with a smile always willing to give more.
    Numbers I would recommend .141 funny and naughty. Jovial service good . u like jokes and thai dancing do take her .she will keep u charged till the end
    148 elegant dresses up very good ,talks polite and service XCELLENT, no greedy for drinks, will never tell u that ur ST is up INFACT I had my 1st GFE with this one ,very good caretaker, some days she used to spend more time over and we talked a lot too, here sense of humor is good , command over english good . I would recomend guys to take her if only boom boom is not ur criteria . u will thank me for sure.
    Number 191 is fun too infact she wanted me to Bf here with 148 but I dint until last day when she cried and the mamasan and the afro manager and david too was wondering what happened . finally BFd her after all the crying and requesting , she was fun but shes also on the run.
    I have also spend most of my money buying lds ,drinks for david ,the manager ,mamasans etc . now I knw u all will flame me but that place always had the energhy since I was introduced to pattaya. So no repenting here.
  8.  NAUGHTY SEA-was pulled in never been here before very small gogo. not a dog in , I was with a girl but still the girls in wanted me to buy drinks , also I noticed that the girls were already heavliy drunk at 1.30am. okish girls in.more on the matured heavy side. Also needs to be renovated asap.
  9.  CREAM CLUB- OK not great women in but the most pushy girls and mamasan and hostess in here . AVOID.

  10.  SUGARBABY . what to say about this place just the opposite of windmill. dull ,louzy girls not interetsed who comes ,who goes even after korean guys entering in it was a graveyard. No energy. Wonder how come the same management of windmill but just opposite in entertainment.
  11.  LIVING DOLLS SHOWCASE- have some ice and beer pouring on ladies show. No DRAFT BEER , a few cuties . met one who was is roXys last time sat with here drank and met at the pier later.saved my BF
  12.  HEAVEN ABOVE. If ur too drunk or planning to get above take care while getting down ,wonder if anyone has ever fallen from heaven??. But the doormen out there are there to help u down . so no worries J. Good place ,friendly ,dint canty say anything else as I was always buzzed when reached in there L.
  13.  CRAZY HOUSE- I see some people rave about this place being the best in pattaya .for me sadly its was better than OK. Lively and 
  14.  SAPPHIRE – ALWAYS LIKED THE MUSIC HERE . always like to go pay a visit to my friend gerry , jovial guy and fun to talk,only thing he gets drunk to fast and kind of falls a sleep J.
    They are out with the coyotees and gerry says the BF IS 600B , guess what I come to knw that when I have already exhausted my vacation days in pattaya.
  15.  CLUB MISTYS- in there and weas recognised by the mamasan . had a few drinks with her and number 508 impressed me . awesome coyotee very lively and fun to be with.
  16.  BABYDOLLS- missed phil in there as he helped me with my choice last time . but this time it was not as expected the place have got regulars coming in but the ladies in were more on the older side . so out from there.
  17.  PRIVATE DANCER- went in and it was some where to closing time and the girls were bored and eager to go home. Avoided getting recognized by the pushy mamasan of x zone (NAANG) . its ok if u ask me drink but if u bring half of the bar down and tell me to buy drink , I things its unjust . some girls looked good there but avoided going in again because of naang.
  18.  SUGAR SUGAR – I don’t knw if I was early (9.30pm) that night but this place looked as if the girls were waiting for a full house or tired. But staff was very welcoming ,every time I entered lk metro I was always called in .
  19.  DISCO 808. HIP HOP MUSIC . at 3 am not much crowd too much smoke in there. And hip hop doesn’t please me so one round of drinks with the girls and OUT
  20.  THE PIER disco . my most favorite disco since its launch, music kept me on toes ,lights and sound very good . spacious and less smoky.

Most nights even after boom boom I would go in there for some drinks and always have got many many vibes and literally being pulled to dance . I have never smoked shiesha but ther e some girls made me try it and loved it since . apple mint and strawberry my favs.
Staff well attentive , coyotees ask for drinks watching u once they knw u spend . I rememebr buying 1 drink for a stunner 200B. toilet guys a bit pushy for tips with thei 10 sec massage but what the hell I have already blown so much cash all ovver some more 20BS wouldn’t harm :D
Had the best time of my life in these clubs . its open till .6.30am and if u want more u can head to casino club which is on more 30 mins.
About the girls . most from windmill cause of my 3 some habbit. 1-2 coyotees whom I exchanged numbers and met at the PIER.
Except for my last 3 days . I was literally bored to death by a BG who wanted to stay with me and was following me like my shadow every where specailly at the pier.
This shows I must never show a girl my fav places as they end up there later .
I always wanted to knw what its like having a gfe or a girl stay Lt . but I swear its not meant for a butterfly like me.
I have literally given her Bahts for not joining me in sex. But she was crazy .
She said she liked me and used to get bfed LT by another customer and end up after a few hrs at my hotel . and if she dint see my motorbike she knew where I was after gogos closed. Though she dint demand me money or sponsor her etc but I noticed she wanted some one to talk love with . 1st I thought it was fake and shes trying the sponsor game with me . but on the last day I told her I have no money ,she opened her purse and asked me how much I need .she said I can take and later pay her when I got home . like I found I had built some trust of hers towards me. She helped me in packing and used to arrange my bed etc. last day I think she barfined herself and came over at 10pm(which fucked my entire night up) I was so angry that I told her I have to meet some one else but she said its OK and she can join us 3 if it makes me happy. Out of frustration I went to THE PIER where I started flirting with other women thinking it may piss her off and she may go. But she was very cool about it. I left here at the table for 15 mins when I was pulled by some TGS TO DANCE , BUT HAD NO EFFECT.
Infact when I reacched my table she humbly picks my singha and makes me drink it.
She used to sit and chat till morning about how many sponsors she has and what she has invested in . on my departure day she literally huggesd me and weeped till I told her plz let me go my taxi has been waiting since 15 mins. I feel very sad for her now. And shes the reason im HEAVILY SUFFERING FORM PATTAYA BLUES L.
I must have repeated some lines in the above 2 paras but this girl got me lost now).
I don’t knw what to call it . love infatuation.crazyness?? but it’s the 1st time I have felt so bad for being rude or leaving a TG.
Any way moving on.
Places I visited to eat ninjas . 400B sea food . I was also charged some bahts extra cause the tgs wasted the food.
What I dint like was they charge u 20B per place for grilling the fish!
But this place was packed with locals, hogging .
2nd buffet visited was “THE FISH “ good plce not much crowded and its 200B without being charged extra for anything.
On this trip since last year I have noticed that the girls are getting FATTER. Its no more that thailand where small asses and sexy slim bodies ruled.
Now even most of the coyotees in the bar have PUMPUIS and have thunder thighs!
Wonder what next year will be like.
But I also saw that the girls who are on the older side were much fitter than the young ones. .
Met one of my favs in sugar baby and she was hot like 2 yrs ago.
i also had my traditional thai massages and hit SPORTS WORLD GYM 220B per visit (NOTE: that tonys on soi bukhaw is closed)
also did one session of muay thai for 300B at TWIN TIGER MUAY THAI opp tonys gym.
Any way I think I have written tooooo much (out of excitement/depression).
Hope this TR doesn’t bore many.

The Price Of Pleasure, Cost Analysis Of A Recent Trip To Pattaya

Sep 152014

I was idling on my computer this afternoon and I came across a rough copy of my tr report trip to Patts December 2013,
I thought i would calculate how much the sexual services I availed for myself actually cost.

I recalled all my experiences and found I had, had 22 encounters,

massage girl experiences numbered 12, these were nearly all on Soi Chayiapoon and were either oil massage + Bj,
or with full sex, Bj price was 500, full sex 1000

the remaining 10 encounters were ST's, 1 at Kinerre (during the Xmas party)
1 freelancer on Walking street,
x 3 bar girls off Lk Metro
x5 Soi 6,

the ST price was generally 1000, although I did pay 1,500 a couple of times to two particularly stunning ladies.

the actual cost of the Sex alone for all those encounters was £400 give or take a tenner,
on top of this was either bar fines or room cost, and in the case of the massage girls the actual oil massage price (200 baht)

So approx £485 in total although to be pedantic there would also have been lady drink additions approx (approx £25, wow I'm really generous)

so I could say the final cost was approximately £510 ($830) give or take a tenner.

this gave an average cost of £24 ($38) per encounter

My conclusion being "what fantastic fucking value for money" !!! none the least because at the worst
all of those encounters were very satisfying with some being quite wonderful.

Millennium Resort Phuket

Sep 122014

Just a couple of years old and the Millennium Resort Patong has already become one of the most popular in Phuket. The central Patong location means guests can enjoy this lively town from one wing, or make use of the peaceful lakeside setting from the other wing.

Private jacuzzis leading to the pool from Canbana rooms at Millennium Resort PhuketThis is a very large resort hotel and has many great features that make this stand out from the rest; poolside cabanas with direct access to the pool; adjacent to the popular Jungceylon shopping center; and less than 500 meters from Patong Beach.

The Millennium Resort Phuket is set within the center of Phuket’s popular town of Patong. The unique location means guests can benefit from a tranquil, lakeside setting, or enjoy the vibrant side of Patong. Either way, the resort is adjacent to Patong’s popular shopping center and just minutes from Patong Beach.

The Millennium Resort Patong is certainly large with a total of 418 guest rooms, but being set over two separate wings guests never feel over-crowded here. Both wings offer the same in terms of the quality and service, but differ when it comes to atmosphere and style. The Beachside Wing is the more lively side, though despite the name this is not set directly on the beachside, but about 500 meters walk. This is perfect for guests who want to enjoy the famous nightlife of Patong as all this is easily accessed.

The Lakeside Wing is quite different in comparison, providing a peaceful oasis in the center of the town. This would be ideal for guests looking for a quieter getaway but who still want the convenience of the Patong location.

Superior Rooms are mostly located on the Beachside Wing and are comfortably furnished with all the basics for an enjoyable stay. The modern furnishings and decorations come complete with a shower, mini-bar, personal safety deposit boxes and internet access.

On the Lakeside Wing guests will mostly find Deluxe Rooms. These offer the same amenities as the Standard Rooms but are furnished in a more elegant style with dark woods and warm soft furnishings plus a private balcony.

Also on the Lakeside Wing are the Grand Deluxe Rooms which are slightly larger and with a few more added extras. For something really special though it has to be the Cabana Rooms. These rooms are very unique with a private terrace and personal access to the large resort swimming pool plus a Jacuzzi, DVD player and complimentary juice bar.

The Millennium Resort Patong also offers Junior and Executive Suites that are perfect for families or business travelers who require more space.

Indigo Pearl Hotel

Sep 122014

From the drawing board of the Bensley Design Studios comes this Phuket designer hotel, ready to offer guests a very unique vacation experience!
The pool at Indigo Pearl Hotel PhuketA combination of themes helps to make the Indigo Pearl Hotel Phuket so unique – Phuket’s historic tin mining past gives the hotel a somewhat rustic and industrial feel, yet the rooms, services and facilities are far from rustic! The luxurious touches remind guests that you’re in a 5 star hotel where comfort takes priority.

Situated right on the beach in Southern Thailand’s popular Phuket, the Indigo Pearl Hotel Phuket is also adjacent to the Sirinath National Park, giving guests peace and tranquility and the choice of relaxing on the beach or around the beautiful swimming pool.

The Indigo Pearl Hotel Phuket offers a great location on the picturesque and quiet Nai Yang Beach on Phuket’s north west coast, yet is only ten minutes from Phuket Airport and 30 minutes from lively resorts with nightlife, shopping and more.

Numerous room sizes and types await guests at the Indigo Pearl Hotel Phuket, all 277 of which are luxuriously furnished and decorated using neutral tones with color accents. Polished wood floors are a feature of all rooms whether you choose Quarters, Suites, Villas or Pavilions.

Rooms range from the stylish Kelly Quarters with private terrace overlooking the lush gardens of the Indigo Pearl Hotel Phuket to the lavish Pearl Shell Suites. All rooms feature a range of comprehensive facilities such as high speed wireless internet, air conditioning, mini-bar, tea and coffee making facilities, bottled drinking water, satellite television, safe, hairdryer and more. Other rooms include the Private Pool Pavilions which feature a large private courtyard with plunge pool and adds luxuries such as a CD and DVD player with complimentary choice of movies and music. Plantation Villas offer such a feeling of privacy that these are ideal for couples celebrating a special occasion – the large courtyard features an outdoor bath, sun loungers and more.

Ayara Kamala Resort Phuket

Sep 122014

Guests at the Ayara Kamala Resort Phuket will benefit from resort style accommodation yet the size and level of service to be expected from a boutique hotel. Situated on a hillside overlooking Kamala Bayand the Andaman Sea, the accommodation is luxurious and attractive and as an extra luxury, many have their own private pools.
The private beach for exclusive use of guests at Ayara Kamala Resort, PhuketContemporary Thai architecture with a cosmopolitan twist allows guests to make the most of their beautiful surroundings, creating the perfect place for a vacation filled with relaxation. When activity calls, there’s a great range of facilities here to make use of.

Set on a hilltop overlooking Kamala Bay, on the west coast, the Ayara Kamala Resort Phuket is ideally placed for an enjoyable Phuket beach vacation. The resort benefits from a quiet location yet is only 35 minutes from Phuket International Airport, and a short distance to the livelier Patong Beach.

The accommodation at the Ayara Kamala Resort Phuket is stylish yet comfortable, making use of decorations and furnishings of warm, soft colors, and combining Thai with contemporary to stunning effect.

With only 27 rooms, guests can be assured of a friendly and personal service at the Ayara Kamala Resort Phuket where attention to detail is second to none. There are three types of luxurious accommodation that guests can choose from, and whichever type you choose you will be guaranteed a comfortable stay! Deluxe Ocean View Rooms feature a large private balcony or terrace overlooking the sea and spectacular sunsets. The bathrooms are particularly impressive, being spacious and luxurious and there are Jacuzzi bathtubs to enjoy in each room.

For private enjoyment of a beautiful infinity swimming pool the Deluxe Ocean View With Pool is a great choice. This benefits from all of the amenities of the standard Deluxe, but with the pool as an extra luxury. For guests who desire more space and additional amenities the Pool Villa Ocean View is the perfect choice for the ultimate in luxury. At double the size of the Deluxe Rooms the Pool Villa features a separate bedroom and a kitchenette, plus of course wonderful sea views and a private pool.

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Sep 122014

Nestled on Mai Khao Beach, the Marriott Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa has a contemporary design and features an impressive 17km stretch of unspoiled sandy beach.

Pool at dusk at at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa The hotel features 150 deluxe accommodations, four one-bedroom suits and 25 one-bedroom villas with private pools and one oceanfront three-bedroom villa.
Only a 15-minute drive from the airport, this resort is also adjacent to the Sirinath Marine National Park and offers complimentary shuttle service to any attraction within 2km.

The resort sits on Phuket’s longest beach, a sub-district in the northern part of Phuket Island and adjacent to Sirinath Marine National Park. It is also only 20km from the Phuket International Airport, making this a convenient, yet tropical and secluded, destination.

The luxurious guestroom, suite and villa views open to the ocean, courtyard or garden, and are decorated with materials and hues inspired by the resort’s tropical surroundings, including the sea, sky, sand, coral and beach forest tree leaves.

Deluxe Guest Room Resort View The oversized 46-square-meter Deluxe Guest Rooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows, flat-screen televisions, iPod docking station, sofa bed, pillowtop bed, DVD player, refrigerator and a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower with a handheld showerhead, double sink, bathrobe and slippers.

Pool Villa This signature luxury experience includes 117 sq. m. of space, floor-to-ceiling windows, a private pool, evening turndown service, a balcony terrace, oversized bathtub, and a distinct outrigger roof design.

Facilities & Services:
The resorts five eateries include Takieng, with its authentic Thai cuisine; Sand, an outdoor lounge, chic bar and BBQ restaurant; Loca Vore, with its menu of fresh seafood; the Lounge, optimal for impromptu business meetings; and Doppio, a combined bakery and deli.

The premiere Quan Spa provides treatments and therapies based on its own water philosophy and time-honored local practices using ingredients like mango and coconut, and banana. The Kids Club offers its young guests movies, puzzles, books, Sony Playstation, and activity centers. Babysitting services are also available for families with infants. A fully equipped fitness center has cardio machines, free weights and several fitness classes.

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